Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Woman Faces Charges for Veggie Garden

I am no anti-government extremist, but I really am tired of people and the government messing with someone trying to grow a few veggies. Anyone should be able to grow fruits and veggies without someone telling them it doesn't fit in with typical landscaping, so it must go. This woman does not live in an HOA subdivision. This is her city government telling her to remove it.
I am sure some of you are thinking that she should have planted it in her back yard but, a lot of people don't have much of a backyard or maybe it is all shade. Who knows?
Where is Michelle Obama? She should be standing up for this woman. First Lady Obama planted a garden on the White House lawn and encourages everyone to have their own garden, and eat more fresh fruit and vegetables. Come on Michelle, help a girl out!
I have seen yards with "typical" landscaping that are AWFUL, painted a hideous color, or looks like a junk yard and they are left alone.
What a crazy world we live in!

What are your thoughts on this?


  1. Ridiculous! I'm not surprised though...unfortunately.

  2. Yes Julie Bass she has a blog and a facebook page (look up oak park hates veggies) I've been following her story because if she is charged this will be a HUGE backward step for the homegrowing movement. Either the front, back, side, roof, etc should be allowed to be used how the owner sees fit. Shame on this city, and the neighbors who complained.