Monday, July 18, 2011

Side Effects From All The Rain

We are still getting lots of rain but luckily it is not as much as it was a week ago. I am trying to use my camera more often, so I took a few pictures. I hope you enjoy them.

I have noticed at least 4 different types of mushrooms.

It is a amazing to me how fast mushrooms grow. They all popped up over night.

I actually had to tell my kids to leave the mushrooms alone so I could take a few pictures. The boys love to have mushroom wars; that is just an excuse to be able to throw something at each other. At least mushrooms are soft. ;-)

Here is my dock last week completely underwater!
Here is a floating mass of fire ants playing king of the mountain. Apparently their home was underwater so they all piled on top of each other. It was an amazing site. You had to be very careful because the would go after anything in the water and if that were you, you would get tore up with ant bites! Scary!

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