Thursday, July 28, 2011

Storm at Ft. Desoto

The family and I took a much needed trip to Ft Desoto Beach. The kids packed their fishing gear, metal detector, shovel and bucket. It started off to be exactly what we need, and then a storm started rolling in. So what do I do? I tell me hubby I want to take a few pictures before we go. I didn’t realize how fast the storm was rolling in, nor did I realize how far I had walked when the lighting started going off everywhere. In one of the picture you can see a guy fishing; a bolt of lightning hit really close by and that guy and I ran as fast as we could back to the main beach. I was greeted by an extremely worried husband. We finally get to the car and the kids were really upset. They told me they thought something had happened to me and asked my why had I not come back sooner. I felt so bad, everyone was so worried. My middle child made me promise to never do that again. I learned my lesson; never go out in a storm to take pictures. I will admit it was a bit scary. So I hope you enjoy my death defying pictures!

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