Monday, August 8, 2011

Hillsborough River State Park

My Hubby and I had the pleasure of just the two of us going to Hillsborough State Park. I have to admit there was some guilt for not bringing the kids with us....but it was really nice aka quiet.
We bought our lunch with us so after a little hiking we sat down at one of the many picnic areas and ate our lunch. We then decided to go down to the out post and rent a canoe. . The canoe ride was beautiful! Even though we had the scorching sun beating down on us, we had the occasional gentle breeze that would help cool us off and make the outdoors more bearable.
During our 1 hour trip on the river we saw lots of turtles, a few birds and a few gators ranging in sizes of 6-10 feet. I have to tell you that I am terrified of alligators, so when we came across the first gator i was reluctant to try and get closer so that I could get a better picture of it; but I did. We quickly learned that this gator was camera shy. The closer we tried to get to it, the further it would swim away.
Overall we had a great time. If you love the outdoors I definitely think you would love this park. This park offers many hiking, and biking trails, swimming camping, fishing, canoe rental, kayak rental, and bike rentals. On the weekends they offer tours of Fort Foster. Please check their website for prices.
Don't forget your sunblock....I did....ouch!

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