Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fragrant Gardens

Gardenia Miami Supreme

Old Fashion Honeysuckle

Gardenia Vietnam

I love this time of year. So many flowers are in bloom, including many of my fragrant ones. Almost every evening I stroll over to one of my gardenia bushes,pick a flower and wear it in my hair for the rest of the evening. It makes pulling weeds and watering plants much more enjoyable. I am sad when my gardenias are done blooming but I am excited for other fragrant plants that are blooming.
Flowers aren’t the only thing with fragrance. Many types of foliage have a scent. I love brushing my fingers through basil leaves, lavender, lemon grass, rosemary and other herbs.
It is amazing to me how powerful scents can be. Scents have the wonderful ability to trigger memories. Have you ever strolled through a garden to be reminded of some childhood memory, or a food, or a friend?
One of my gardenia bushes is very special to me. My parents gave it to me when my 2nd son, Jordan was born. If I ever move I will have to take cuttings of it, because it is way too big to dig up.

Currently the fragrant flowers I have blooming in my garden are;
Gardenia Augusta Beauty
Gardenia White Gem
Gardenia Miami Supreme (I think)
Gardenia Augusta 'Vietnam'
Honeysuckle which was sold to me under the generic name “old fashion” (it is definitely not the invasive “Halls honeysuckle”)
4 O’clocks

Fragrant Flower I have that are not blooming;
Gardenia Frost Proof
Butterfly Ginger
Kewense Ginger
Sweet Almond Verbana
Citrus Trees
Pink Crinums
White Crinums
Michelia Figo aka Banana Shrub
Tea Olive

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  1. I love fragrant flowers/plants! but can't really have a garden since I live in an apartment. Is there any fragrant ones that I can have in a pot in my balcony?