Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Meet Charlie

Let me start off by saying I am not a fan of squirrels. From a gardeners point of view, squirrels are constantly digging up plants, eating my fruits and veggies before I can pick them, and they even eat some of my flowers. I will admit they can be very entertaining to watch, I would just rather watch them in someone else’s yard. Having said all that, I do have a soft spot for baby animals, and that’s where Charlie comes in the picture.
Last Saturday evening my neighbor and I are out sitting on the dock when we kept hearing some sort of chirping sound. At first our hubby’s thought it was the water pump. But upon further investigation we realized it was coming from a tree. So we decided to walk over and see what critter was making the noise. Just as we were walking over to the tree, we see something fall out of the tree. So I ran over to find a small squirrel curled up in a ball. We are guessing that he’s at least month old since he had fur. He was sooo cute! We called the kids out so they could see this adorable little creature with big brown eyes. The kids begged us to keep him, we of course said no, that we need to leave the squirrel and let mamma squirrel have a chance to come and rescue her baby. Well it was getting dark and the mosquitos were coming out, so it was time for us to go inside. The kids were very worried about the squirrel, especially Jordan; he’s my animal/nature boy. So finally after a few hours my hubby decided he would let the boys go and see if momma squirrel had come. Well momma squirrel didn’t come and the boys had brought the baby squirrel inside and had already named him “Charlie”. We didn’t want Charlie inside because he had bugs, so we put him in a shoe box with a towel and let him sleep in the garage. We sent the kids to bed and my hubby and I begin to discuss what the heck we are going to do with this thing. My hubby wanted to let nature take its course and put him back outside. I just couldn’t do that, to me it seemed cruel; Charlie is too cute for that kind of ending. He reminded me that I do not like squirrels. I told him that Charlie was just a baby, I’m a sucker and that tomorrow we would drop him off at the wildlife clinic.
Sunday after Church Jordan I drove to the wildlife clinic and they were closed. We were very concerned for Charlie because he hadn’t eaten anything since we got him. So we decided to go to a pet store for advice. They were extremely helpful. We had to buy some puppy milk and a dropper to feed Charlie. It worked great! Charlie quickly learned that the dropper was food and would even help hold it. We ended up keeping Charlie for a couple of days before we took him to the wildlife clinic.

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