Thursday, March 24, 2011

What's growing in my garden?

Because I love to garden, people tend to get ask me what I am growing. I probably have more in my yard the most because I live on almost an acre. But, I try to only plant around the fence line. I like having an open yard for my kids to run around in.
I am only going to list the edibles I am currently growing.

Fruit Trees in my Yard
Honey Murcott Tangerine- Very Sweet and Juicy
Cara Cara Red Navel- slow to produce
Honeybell Tangerine
Sanbokan lemon- Sweet lemon
Sunraycer Nectarine- slow to produce
UF Gold Peach- ton’s of small sweet peaches
Floridabell Peach- Nothing in 2 years, I will probably get rid of it.
Tice Mulberry- the kids LOVE it! Sweet juicy berries right off the tree
Blueberries- can’t remember the variety but they are doing great
Apache Thornless Blackberry- love it!
Ice Cream Banana
Raji Puri Banana
and of course of have some herbs and a few veggies growing.

I know this looks like I am growing a fruit stand in my yard but I promise you I'm not. If you were to come to my yard you would see that most of the trees are blended into the landscape and some of the trees are still small.

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