Thursday, December 3, 2009


I guess I should tell you about Thanksgiving. I did a ton of cooking and baking but I didn't take pictures until everyone had started eating. So I had to take pictures between people grabbing food.

One of the baked goods I made was a Pumpkin Roll; I got the recipe off the Libby Pumpkin can . My oldest son (13) really wanted to try this, and who am I to turn down baking sweets. The pumpkin roll turned out pretty good. A little tip that made the pumpkin roll easier to make was to use parchment paper. I love parchment paper!

I also made Black Bottom Pecan Pie. All this is, is a pecan pie with a layer of chocolate chips put in the bottom of a deep dish pie shell before pouring in the pie mixture. Yummy! This is a must at my family holiday get together's. In fact, when my father showed up and only saw 1 black bottom pecan pie on the table he immediately cut a slice out and hid it to make sure he got some. Don't tell anyone but I actually made family and I decided we needed to taste it and make sure it turned out OK. ;-)

What else did I make... oh yeah I made strawberry cupcakes with vanilla frosting. To me these weren't anything special but it was a special request and the kids loved them. I used a Strawberry cake box mix and a can of vanilla frosting that I piped on to make the cupcakes a little prettier.

One of my favorite desserts I made was a Pumpkin trifle. This recipe was given to me by a friend and it is so yummy. As you see in the picture it is layered kind of strange. I prepared everything for this dessert the day before so I would only have to assemble this trifle dish. However, on Thanksgiving day I had a lot of people in my kitchen helping me with last minute details and I wasn't really paying attention to who was assembling the trifle for me. And it was assemble in a different order. But I must say it still tasted yummy!!!! And I really do appreciate all those that helped me.

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