Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Meringue Snowman

So far, out of all the Christmas goodies I have made, the Meringue Snowman are my favorite. They are soo darn cute!!

To make the snowman, pipe your meringue onto parchment paper into the shape of a snowman. Next get a small bowl of water and wet your finger. You only want your finger to be damp, not dripping. Now lightly smooth out any ridges on your snowman. (The water helps you finger not stick to the meringue.)
After you are done smoothing out your snowman you can add some chocolate chips or sprinkles for his eyes and buttons.

Now it is time to bake them. I baked mine at 225 degrees for 1 hour.

After the snow man cooled I add and orange icing with a tooth pick for the nose and the scarf is made out of a fruit roll up.

This was my first time making meringue snowmen and as you can see some of my snowman are cuter than others. For most of my snowman, I used melted chocolate chips to make the eyes, mouth and buttons. While they still turned out pretty cute, the chocolate doesn't want to dry and I keep accidentally smearing the chocolate. Next time I will put chocolate chips or sprinkles on them before I bake them or I will use black royal icing on them after they are baked.
Good luck.


  1. love this recipe..just what i was looking for a cute and easy christmas treat!!!
    by the way love your blog so far..has some great recipies..they're all so cute! ill defenitley be coming back to this blog!

  2. I am soo glad you like it. I really had alot of fun making these. Let me know how yours turn out.