Thursday, October 13, 2011

Creepy Crawly Bugs

If spiders freak you out, don't look at the following pictures!

We saw this spider at Crystal Springs. It's missing a leg, ouch!

My younger kids would like to think that this spider glows in the dark.

We saw this one at a park. My hubby calls it "The Spawn of Satan".

He's a little freaked out by spiders!

This one has been in my backyard for over a month. My oldest son has named him Timothy and actually catched bugs to feed him. Sooo Creepy!

You can see the hairs on its legs!


  1. Thats soooooo GROSS.. god I HATE spiders... YUCK

  2. OH my gosh! those spiders are crazy looking spiders! but great pics!~Saralyn

  3. I think spiders can be amazing creatures to look at...from a distance. :-)
    Telephoto lens are great!