Thursday, September 8, 2011

I've been a bad girl!

Last week a friend dropped off some cupcakes from Sweetie's Delights located in Valrico, Florida. Wow were they fabulous! I didn't eat them all by myself but, don't think the thought hadn't crossed my mind. I was a good girl and cut each cupcake into 4 pieces to share with my kids, that way we all got to try each flavor and I didn't feel as bad indulging myself with all that yummy goodness!
I believe the flavors I got were Red Velvet, Reese's, Smore, Chocolate Moo moo?, Carrot Cake, and Oreo. We all had a different favorite, mine was the chocolate of course.

Now here is the bad girl part. I was out running errands when I saw the unmistakable pink sign urging me to come inside...yes, it was Sweetie's Delight! I should have kept on driving but I could not resist the temptation of seeing what other sugary delights await me. They had more of those yummy cupcakes but they also had some Truffle cookies. So I asked for 1 of each of the truffle cookies. Don't gasp, there were only 4 different kinds. As I was checking out they had a basket of something called a Smoodgie. It's pretty much a whoopie pie. They had a couple of flavors and I choose strawberry. I think it might be my favorite.
Despite having brought all that yummy goodness I restrained my self again and cut them up into 4 pieces to share.

At the top is the Strawberry Smoodgie. The middle row-chocolate cookie on the left is filled with a coconut filling, the chocolate chip is filled with chocolate, the white cookie is filled with a raspberry filling. Bottom row is a chocolate chip cookie sandwich aka a smidgie and the last cookie is a chocolate cookie with nut and a peanut butter filling.

Look at those yummy fillings!

So now you see all this yummy stuff I keep torturing myself with, did I tell you I am supposed to be training for a 5k!!!! Maybe I could get someone to dangle a cupcake in front of me to get me off my booty and run!


  1. I LOVE Sweetie's Delights! So dangerous for me to go in there though. All self control stays in the car. Can't help myself. Mmmm...

  2. Oh well! Once in a while, it's fine! Yummy!

  3. Maria, if you ever want to be bad together, let me know I will split a cupcake with you;-)

    Nelly, I agree that you have to indulge sometimes!