Thursday, June 16, 2011

Getting Ready for Hurricane season

Hurricane season is already well underway, but are you and your family ready if one strikes?

Have you ever tried to go shopping for nonperishable food and water right before a storm hits?? Shelves are empty, traffic is a mess, and people are cranky. Save yourself some stress and get prepared before the storm!

There are many ways to be prepared. You can have a 72 hour kit, evacuation plan, legal documents in a safe place, a pet plan, document household belongings, house prepared (shutters, etc) and more. If you have children remember to prepare for them, some toys and games. If someone has a medical condition make sure you have enough medication for them. Please check the links for more information.

Don’t be one of those people waiting on the Red Cross or FEMA to bring you food and water just so you and your family can survive. BE PREPARED!

If disaster doesn’t strike you, please try and help those that it did affect!

I would love for you to share your tips on being prepared.

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